Policy Brief

Pittsburgh’s ARP spending: an update

Summary: A 2021 Policy Brief (Vol. 21, No. 36) detailed the four-year spending plan adopted by the City of Pittsburgh for its American Rescue Plan (ARP) allocation. Quarterly reports beginning in December 2021 have detailed how the city has spent … Continue reading

Colin McNickle at Large

FTA steps up in Philly (late & for wrong reason)

In a welcome reversal (for aficionados of sane government, that is), the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has decided to deny federal funding to a controversial and dubious light-rail transit extension in suburban Philadelphia. Better late than never. But it’s for … Continue reading


PIT January passenger count lower than 3 years ago

The long-awaited January passenger and operations data from Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) were released March 6.  The numbers showed some slight improvement from pre-pandemic levels but were still well below the January 2020 level—the month news of the COVID virus … Continue reading