Policy Brief

Pennsylvania education funding: a major dilemma

Introduction: Judge Renée Cohn Jubelirer sided with the plaintiffs in a landmark trial that challenged the current school funding model, ruling that the General Assembly has not fulfilled its legal mandate and has deprived students in school districts with low … Continue reading

Colin McNickle at Large

Government-backed insanity lives on (and on)

A taxpayer-financed renovation to Soldier Field, home to the Chicago Bears, has come back to bite taxpayers. Count us among those not surprised. Reports the Chicago Tribune: “As the Chicago Bears make plans to build a new stadium, taxpayers still … Continue reading


PIT January passenger count lower than 3 years ago

The long-awaited January passenger and operations data from Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) were released March 6.  The numbers showed some slight improvement from pre-pandemic levels but were still well below the January 2020 level—the month news of the COVID virus … Continue reading