Policy Brief

Thanksgiving’s ‘fit and proper’ acknowledgement

In commemoration of Thanksgiving Day, we commend for you, our faithful donors, subscribers and readers, consideration of President Abraham Lincoln’s original proclamation establishing a national day of Thanksgiving. It was penned on the president’s behalf by Secretary of State William … Continue reading

Colin McNickle at Large

The public policy of Thanksgiving

It was in 1836 that William Leggett, the outspoken editorial writer for the New York Plaindealer, wrote of finding “something exceedingly impressive in the spectacle which a whole people presents, in thus voluntarily withdrawing themselves on some particular day, from … Continue reading


Productivity losses in 2022

The latest Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report on labor productivity in the U.S. business sector for the second quarter 2022 shows output per hour falling at a 3.6 percent annual rate following a similar decline in the first quarter. … Continue reading