Policy Brief

Casinos lose big in Covid lockdown

Summary: Casino operations did not escape the mandatory shutdown order stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. Deemed a “non-essential” business, Pennsylvania casinos were forced to close beginning in mid-March and throughout all of April and May with their reopening beginning in … Continue reading


Coronavirus and 2020 local budgets: Allegheny County

Compared to the City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County has a larger operating budget of $959.8 million.  The county property tax is budgeted to raise $382.4 million (40 percent) of total revenues.   Property taxes are deposited into the general fund and … Continue reading

Colin McNickle at Large

Exploiting the pandemic

We repeatedly have cautioned against government exploiting the coronavirus pandemic to justify its ends to the detriment of sound public policy. Alas, and sadly, we are seeing more and more examples. As The Wall Street Journal reported last weekend, urban … Continue reading