Policy Brief

PIT passenger rebound falters in June

Background:  After closing the monthly passenger count gap relative to the 2019 pre-pandemic readings through much of 2021 and through April of 2022, the May and June counts showed the gap starting to widen again. Note that monthly comparisons to … Continue reading

Colin McNickle at Large

New stadium talk for the Steelers? Really?!

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers already jonesing for a brand-new stadium? As audacious as that sounds, a July dispatch on the Steelers Depot website (which is not affiliated with the franchise) is suggesting that to more than a few observers. A … Continue reading


Governor Wolf, let’s find a better way to spend $500 million

Governor Wolf is proposing to send $500 million from the state’s American Rescue Plan (ARP) allotment to Pennsylvania households with some to receive as much as $2,000, presumably based on income. With 5.1 million households and a median income of … Continue reading