Policy Brief

Attendance and academic performance in Pennsylvania high and middle schools

Background In 2014 and 2015, Institute Policy Briefs (Vol.14, No.17, and Vol.15, No.30) described the strong correlation between school attendance and achievement test scores in Pennsylvania, with special attention to Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS). The findings of very poor scores … Continue reading

Colin McNickle at Large

Educratic Titanic deck-chair rearranging

The University of Pittsburgh, Penn State and Temple universities are reported to be up in arms over a legislative proposal that would redirect some of the $580 million in public money they suck up annually into a voucher program for … Continue reading


The real number of jobs lost due to COVID

With all the news coverage of the jobs lost and recovered during the pandemic, a basic calculation has been missing. Typically, the purpose of jobs reporting is to focus on the drop in jobs for months in 2020 compared to … Continue reading