Policy Brief

Coronavirus’ impact on Port Authority ridership and revenue

Summary: Port Authority (PAAC) data shows falling transit ridership due to the coronavirus and economic shutdown. Despite a service reduction, PAAC did not furlough any employees and its preliminary budget for the next fiscal year envisions a higher headcount. Given … Continue reading


Coronavirus and 2020 local budgets: Allegheny County

Compared to the City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County has a larger operating budget of $959.8 million.  The county property tax is budgeted to raise $382.4 million (40 percent) of total revenues.   Property taxes are deposited into the general fund and … Continue reading

Colin McNickle at Large

A California lesson for Pittsburgh & Pennsylvania

Thank goodness for California. No, really. Over the decades The Golden State has taught us myriad ways to tarnish sound public policy – from turning commonsense conservationism into extreme, radical eco-craticism, to attempting to command the marketplace, making it less … Continue reading