Policy Brief

Pennsylvania private jobs not fully recovered from pandemic

Overview: The May establishment survey report on payrolls showed private employment in Pennsylvania has not recovered to pre-pandemic levels. Jobs remained 109,200 (2 percent) below the May 2019 reading of 5,380,600.  For perspective, bear in mind that jobs were 868,000 … Continue reading

Colin McNickle at Large

America at 246: Let us resolve …

Happy 246th birthday, America! We once again commend for your thoughtful review a classic retelling of the moment of America’s separation from England, from historian and Pittsburgh native David McCullough’s book, “1776”: “In Philadelphia, the same day as the British … Continue reading


Governor Wolf, let’s find a better way to spend $500 million

Governor Wolf is proposing to send $500 million from the state’s American Rescue Plan (ARP) allotment to Pennsylvania households with some to receive as much as $2,000, presumably based on income. With 5.1 million households and a median income of … Continue reading