Policy Brief

Schools receiving a second round of stimulus dollars

Summary: A previous Policy Brief (Vol. 20, No. 39) discussed the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (now known as ESSER I) contained in the CARES Act to help schools deal with the effects of the coronavirus.  A second … Continue reading

Colin McNickle at Large

The ruse that remains RGGI

At the end of a rather lengthy July 2019 Congressional Research Service (CRS) study of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), Jonathan L. Ramseur, a specialist in environmental policy for the nonpartisan group, concludes: “From a practical standpoint, the RGGI … Continue reading


May’s almost-good jobs report

The business news world eagerly awaited the May employment numbers with expectations of 671,000 net new jobs added in the month.  However, the report showed only 559,000 added jobs with 492,000 of those private sector and 67,000 new government employees. … Continue reading