PAT Moves Slowly on Private Bus Service Application

In response to the planned reduction of mass transit service that entails the elimination of 29 routes and the curtailment of 37 others, Lenzner Tours, a private service provider, has applied to the Port Authority (PAT) for permission to operate service from points in the North Hills to Downtown Pittsburgh.  A public hearing took place on March 8th, and a second one is scheduled for March 14th. PAT’s board is not scheduled to act upon the Lenzner application prior to its regularly scheduled meeting on March 25th.  Here’s the problem. With the service reductions scheduled to occur on March 27th, is it reasonable to delay until March 25th the decision to grant the company permission to begin service?


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Hey PAT, Let ‘em Ride

The Port Authority (PAT) has a golden opportunity to do something positive and sensible for the community. Lenzner Tours has applied for permission to operate a commuter bus service from Cranberry and Marshall Township to downtown Pittsburgh. This proposed service would offer a replacement ride for those being stranded by the elimination of the Marshall Express route.

Never has PAT had such a timely and remarkable chance to demonstrate that it actually cares more about the bus riding citizens it is honor bound to serve than it cares about the transit union that has driven the agency to the brink of financial chaos.

A private company that seeks no government subsidy is offering to provide a needed and welcome service to working citizens and taxpayers who will gladly and voluntarily pay more than PAT fares for the same service in order to avoid the hassle of driving and the cost of parking. This is a clear winner for the beleaguered commuters whose bus service is about to be terminated.

When PAT holds its hearing on March 8, it should open the proceedings by thanking the company for its proposal and move expeditiously to approve the Lenzner Tours application.