Legislator Misses Irony in His Own Comments

Legislator Misses Irony in His Own Comments

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A local House member says the budget passed by the Legislature last night fails to address the fiscal problems the state faces.


No doubt there is validity in his comment to the extent that gimmicks are being used to divert dollars from various special funds to the general fund in order to arrive at a balanced budget for the fiscal year just begun.


The irony is that the Democrats want to levy a significant new tax in order to increase spending, implying that the state’s principal fiscal problem is a lack spending on their pet projects and functions and a shortage of money to pay for them.  But as anyone who has paid any attention to state finances, it should be abundantly apparent that the gigantic and growing underfunded state employee and teacher pensions are the 800 pound gorilla in the room. Sadly, Democrats (and some Republicans) have sworn eternal hostility to taking any steps that would meaningfully address this problem.


So, the kabuki dance will continue with half or more of the members of the Legislature postured with their heads stuck firmly in the sand and the state barreling its way toward a miserable day of reckoning.