What’s Changed in PAT Board Appointment Bill?

What’s Changed in PAT Board Appointment Bill?

One week ago legislation would have altered the makeup of the Port Authority (PAT) board from one with nine members all appointed by the Chief Executive of Allegheny County to one with eleven members where the Chief Executive would have had one appointment with various other officials from the state, County, and City of Pittsburgh having appointments. That bill has been amended and a new version has passed the Senate and is on its way to the House.

So what’s the same?

  • There will still be 11 board members
  • State officials would make five appointments (the Governor and the leaders of each chamber will each get one appointment)
  • All appointees must have a background in finance, economic development, transportation, or mass transportation
  • Community organizations will provide names for four prospective appointees
  • Members can serve no more than three consecutive terms
  • PENNDOT will conduct a study on privatization and consolidation and report to the state on their findings

And what’s different?

  • Only the Governor’s appointee does not have to be an Allegheny County resident
  • The County Executive would have four appointees, but two must come from the list of recommendations as proposed by community organizations and those two must be confirmed by County Council
  • The Mayor of Pittsburgh would not have an appointment as was proposed in the earlier version of the bill
  • The at-large members of County Council will not have appointments as originally proposed. The County Council caucus of the opposite party affiliation of the Executive will make two appointments from the same list provided by the community organizations