More on State Tax Collections

A previous blog dealt with the data on 2011 tax collections of the 50 states available from the Census and sales taxes. When it comes to income taxes, last year close to $300 billion was collected in combined individual and corporate net income taxes. Seven states do not tax individual income; two tax only interest and dividends. Three of those states-Nevada, Texas, and Washington-tax neither individual nor corporate net income tax.

Pennsylvania runs close to the national average on the share attributed to individual and corporate net income taxes. Nationally, $259 billion (86%) came from individuals and $40 billion (14%) came from corporate net income. Pennsylvania collected $11.8 billion with $9.8 billion from individuals and $2 billion from corporate net income, an 83-17 split.

In 2011, Pennsylvania was classified with 14 other states as having no severance tax. Since Act 13 created an unconventional gas drilling fee that will be levied on Marcellus Shale wells, the state will likely be categorized by the Census as still not having a severance tax proper.

Last year $14.6 billion was collected in severance taxes. Close to $10 billion-70%–came from four states (Alaska, Texas, North Dakota, and Wyoming).