Will Horsehead Get the NLRB’s Boeing Treatment?

Horsehead Corporation has announced plans to move a big part of its operations from Beaver County to Rutherford County North Carolina. That move will involve building a $350 million dollar facility in Carolina and the possible loss of as many as 500 jobs in Beaver County.

The company, in explaining the decision, mentioned utility costs, logistics and development incentives. It did not mention the fact that North Carolina is a Right to Work state. Probably for good reason. In all likelihood, the union in Beaver County is already in the process of asking the NLRB to file a stop order (a la Boeing in Charleston) to prevent the plant from moving. Surely, as imaginative as the NLRB is-as it is currently constituted-will have no problem coming up with an unfair labor practice charge of some kind to justify issuing such an order.

Pennsylvania needs to make company moves of this type less attractive by enacting a Right to Work law. The state cannot depend on a new discovery of a valuable natural resource every time it needs an economic boost. Marcellus Shale might be godsend but it should be viewed as an opportunity to remove obstacles to growth in the state, not an excuse to delay doing what is right.