Pittsburgh Population Down Again

The just released Census Bureau 2008 population estimate for Pittsburgh shows yet another decline in the City’s resident count, continuing the trend of the last five decades. And right on cue, City officials are saying the decline is about over-something that also happens every year when the latest estimate is released.

Pittsburgh is not the biggest loser, with Cleveland’s and Baltimore’s losses much heftier. Still, at a time when most cities are growing, some dramatically, such as Raleigh and Austin, the Pittsburgh loss stands in stark contrast with the national performance. Even Erie had a small increase.

The timing of the population estimate release could not be more ironic. It comes the day after the City Council approved a five year financial plan that envisions still higher taxes and fees, the same taxes and fees that have been a major factor in the exodus of population and businesses.

To say the Council is out of touch with reality would be an understatement.