Right to Work Enters Rust Belt

A few days before the "Big Game" the state of Indiana is poised to become the first rust belt state to enact a Right to Work law. Both houses of the state legislature have passed the bill and it now goes to the Governor for his action. Indiana would be the 23rd state in the union to be a Right to Work state.

It has been over a decade since the last state to join the ranks of the Right to Work fraternity, Oklahoma, did so. The New Hampshire legislature passed a Right to work bill in 2011 but it was vetoed by the Governor

As we pointed out last summer, private sector union membership in PA fell from 15% to 9% yet the issue of Right to Work cannot make it to the floor of the General Assembly. And the ever-present listings of "best places to do business" like Forbes shows that Right to Work states are consistently better performing than their non Right to Work counterparts. But will the change in Indiana put pressure on Pennsylvania to act?