G-20 Gets Basic Economics Lesson

With the G-20 conference sure to bring much talk-and perhaps shouting-about economic justice and redistributive policies from delegates and protestors alike, it is downright refreshing to see the laws of supply and demand working in the area near the convention center.

With hotel rooms booked and space at a premium, owners of property are beginning to offer their spaces for rent during the conference. Even suburban locales, some as far-flung as Upper St. Clair, are up for grabs, but the options inside the "security zone" near the center and in other City neighborhoods are offered for as high as $25,000 for the week.

No takers yet, of course, and it probably won’t be long until we hear complaints of "price gouging" for various parties. But the housing options, and their prices, reflect the scarcity of hotel rooms for the convention. Just think-if the convention center had lived up to its potential to spin-off hotels like some predicted during its construction there would not be the space crunch currently happening.