Onorato Hammers Corbett’s Support of Obamacare Lawsuit

Commenting on Attorney General Corbett’s joining the lawsuit by twelve other AGs from around the country aimed at having Obamacare declared unconstitutional, Allegheny County’s Chief Executive called the move "a taxpayer-funded political stunt with the goal of denying more people coverage and making affordable health care less accessible."

How utterly ironic. This from the Executive who: spent years thwarting rulings handed down by a local judge and the Supreme Court requiring the county to reassess properties, standing down only after facing a possible contempt citation; signed an illegal smoking ban bill into law only to have it thrown out by the courts; tried illegally to take money from the liquor tax for purposes forbidden by law-another action overturned by the courts; sponsored an illegal referendum question; surreptitiously grabbed gaming money late on the afternoon of New Year’s Eve that was intended to help the airport lower its costs to carriers, etc.

Almost all of these actions have resulted in the expenditure of taxpayer funds, especially for legal costs for those involving the courts. And what could be more political than holding up needed corrections to errors in assessments simply to improve his political standing?

And one might want to know who will get the bill for the "affordable health care insurance" that will now be available to virtually everyone under the recently passed health care bill?