A New County Department

In last week’s budget address the County Executive announced the creation of a new department in the County’s organizational chart, the Facilities Management Department. The role of this new department is akin to a public works function, though the emphasis will be on buildings rather than roads. A news article noted "Its employees would be responsible for doing major maintenance and upgrading of county facilities like the jail, Kane nursing homes, park amenities and other buildings" and that is echoed in the 2013 budget narrative on the department.

A lot of the initial operations of the department are likely centered around getting a grasp on the condition of the physical plant of the County, as there will be 2013 goals of "a facility condition assessment study", "a comprehensive preventative maintenance program", and a review of county space needs.

The department is supposed to have a $20 million budget (75% of it is personnel-wages and benefits) and 259 full time employees. The money and the workforce come from decreases to Public Works and Administrative Services, by and large. There are 198 fewer full timers in Public Works’ headcount from 2012 to 2013 and 47 fewer in Administrative Services, and budget allocations are dropping $13.2 million and $5.3 million respectively. That leaves 14 employees and $2.4 million coming from somewhere undetermined.