In the Spotlight

  • A Look at the Proposed 2015 Pittsburgh Budget

    The City’s 2015 operating budget and five year financial forecast were submitted to the oversight board on September 22nd.  The 2015 budget shows $512.6 million in revenue, $505.9 million in expenditures and an operating result (surplus) of $6.7 million.  This … Continue reading

Today's Blog

  • Pennsylvania School Scores in Limbo

    Proving once again that incompetence reigns throughout Pennsylvania’s public education apparatus, the Department of Education still does not have the reports on 2013-2014 test results ready for release. These tests were taken at least six months ago. They were due … Continue reading

Taxpayer Q&A

  • Don’t Believe the Hype?

    A recent opinion piece described the supply demand situation in the convention center marketplace.  What did our 2002 report say about the topic?