Teacher Strikes and TSA Pat Downs

If a person desires to board a plane in many airports in the U.S., that person must submit to an extraordinarily intrusive search of his body-either by radiation screening or pat down by TSA personnel.

If a person lives in Pennsylvania and has school age children, that person must be prepared to have those children staying home from school while teachers go on strike. This despite the fact that Pennsylvania, like other states, has a compulsory attendance law. So the law really means students must show up for class as long as teachers choose to be there to hold classes. Taxpayers also do not have the option to go on strike and withhold their tax payments.

The way to avoid intrusive searches is not to fly. The way to avoid having students tossed out of class due to the arbitrary and malicious walkouts by teachers is to move to one of the 45 states where strikes are illegal or simply do not happen for whatever reason.

According to the Fourth Amendment, the right of the people to be secure in their persons against unreasonable searches shall not be violated. Of course, to TSA it is perfectly reasonable to molest people in the name of airplane security and safety. That is what happens when the government is unwilling to profile those who are from groups known to be involved in terrorism. We don’t do that because it is politically incorrect and would have the ACLU filing suits in a heartbeat claiming racial discrimination.

So, TSA has to molest elderly grandmothers and toddlers in a completely unreasonable way to ensure safety for no other reason that everyone is a suspect even though there is not a scintilla of evidence that these people have ever been nor or are they likely to ever be terrorists. Is this how Americans are desensitized to the loss of freedom and dignity? And this is done by a government that has failed completely at protecting the nation’s southern border allowing who knows who to enter to country with who knows what intentions.

Meanwhile, teacher strikes create enormous inconvenience, although they are not necessarily personally humiliating for the thousands of victims of such strike. They are an assault on the community as they force working parents to find day care and create education hardships for students. They frequently produce compensation packages that are far superior to what could be achieved without the strikes or threat of strikes. And that translates into higher property taxes and more state subsidy.

All this comes about because government has chosen to allow employees of the school system to withdraw their labor and inflict hardship on the public they serve. How utterly despicable. Children are forced to attend school under threat of legal action against their parents while those hired to teach are empowered by the same government to strike for as long as five weeks as we currently see in Bethel Park.

The TSA pat downs and teacher strikes both reflect the brutish power of government to allow or require abuse of its citizens by government employees because of its failure to do the obvious right thing instead caving to demands of certain groups as opposed to concerning itself with the rights and welfare of the general public. The question is. Why does the public continue to put up with such flagrant government sponsored mistreatment?