Did Legislators Stop By for Moratorium Meeting?

In a blog from mid-February we wrote about a meeting of the County Council’s Government Reform Committee on the issue of a state moratorium on court-ordered reassessments, an issue that keeps bouncing around Council. That meeting invited the Governor and 31 state legislators (8 state senators and 23 state representatives) to discuss the issue.

We closed that piece with stating "a sure sign of how serious legislators from the County take the Council’s request will be reflected by how many show up to the meeting".

Well, how many did? The corresponding action minutes from Council’s website show that the Governor did not attend, nor did anyone from his staff. No state senators showed up, but a staffer for a senator’s office did. Two elected state representatives showed up, and so did staffers for four other representatives. With seven legislative offices present of the 31 invited, the attendance rate was 23%. Not a stellar showing.

If Council can take any consolation it would be that their own attendance rate was somewhat better. Of the nine members of the committee, three showed up and were recorded as present. That’s 33%, better than the invited list but no great shakes either. One Council member not on the Government Reform Committee showed up as well.