The New Assessments: Up “Til Now

With the release of new values for the majority of communities comprising the southern portion of Allegheny County, new values have been produced for 66 of the County’s 130 municipalities. This blog looks at the cumulative impact on the suburban communities that make up the eastern and southern sections that received new values in February of 2012.

Altogether there are 64 municipalities in the group: 37 from the east and 27 from the south. In aggregate, values are to increase 29% from $25.2 billion to $32.5 billion. The weighted average percentage change for the group (29%) will be used as a basis of comparison.

Overall, 35 communities-18 that came from the east section and 17 that came from the south section-fell within + or – 10 percentage points of the average (that is to say, assessments increased anywhere from 39% to 19% for the community as a whole). Included in this group are the some of the larger communities in the County: Mt. Lebanon (up 30%), McKeesport (up 28%), Monroeville (up 26%), Bethel Park (up 24%), and Upper St. Clair (up 22%).

Thus far the entire range of the distribution runs from an assessment increase of 86% (Dravosburg) down to an assessment decrease of 5% (Pitcarin).