Too many municipalities?

Establishment elites and their allies in the liberal media continue to rail against the 130 municipalities in Allegheny County as the source of high government costs, inefficiencies, and slow economic growth.

Wonder why these folks never consider the great era of prosperity and growth that occurred decades ago when Allegheny County had "too many" municipalities? It puts the lie to their argument.

The main reason for slow growth has been the rise of unionism, especially public sector unions, that have driven up costs of government service, led to higher taxes and created massive interference with the working of the free market and dependence on government directed development.

Therein lies the major problem with the County’s slow economic growth and population loss. Reducing the number of municipalities might lead to some improvement in delivery of services, but it can also lead to worsening results as well. Pittsburgh, the largest municipality by far in the County, spends almost $1,400 per resident to provide government services and Pittsburgh schools spend $20,000 per student. Most municipalities and school districts in the County spend nowhere near those levels.

So, tell us again why all the focus on "too many" municipalities as opposed to talking about how to deal with the real obstacles to prosperity.