Murphy’s Law

Last night KDKA TV aired an interview with Pittsburgh’s former Mayor which could best be described as a puff piece on economic development.

Too bad the reporter did not bother to ask the former Mayor about the true economic impact of spending all those tax dollars. Or about Lazarus, Lord and Taylor’s, etc. and the millions wasted by the Pittsburgh Development funds (proceeds from legalized slots are going to pay those loans off).

The ten years it took to field a winning baseball team is proof of how stupid the argument was to begin with. If the North Shore is so great, why is the City still hemorrhagingpopulation? Why are the schools so rotten and the City’s finances in shambles?

No net job growth for a decade and a hollowing out of the population of the key income earning groups. And a half billion dollars wasted on the Connector with all the lost economic activity resulting from the disruptions in constructing it.

The former Mayor lied about the threat of the Pirates leaving in 1997-98 to get the stadium built and then ignored the wishes of the overwhelming majority of the voters. His legacy can be found in the fact the City is under the financial supervisionof two state appointed watchdogs. Sadly, they have not done a very good job, but they are still here and are likely to remain so for a long time. Pittsburgh does not have the money to pave its streets. How’s that for a legacy?

The former Mayor is the epitome of what is wrong with egomaniacs who have political power. Enough is never enough for these people.