Spending Without a Budget?

The Governor says he is coming up with a plan to continue government operations and pay employees despite not having a budget in place. If the Governor can do that why not send the Legislature home and let him run the government? This would set a very bad precedent and makes a mockery of constitutionally ordered governance. Just another sign of how Pennsylvanians are losing their grip over their own government.

Willfully disobeying the Constitution is a violation of an elected official’s oath of office. Violating one’s oath is-or should be-an impeachable offense. But we have seen the sense of honor so diminished in modern politics that we are not even surprised or dismayed at open and flagrant examples of officials disregarding their oath of office.

And that raises another issue. Why does the state continue to collect tax revenue when there is no budget? If it cannot get an agreement on spending, then it ought not to be able to collect taxes during that period. Raising money that cannot be legally spent should not be allowed.

Then too, during the time when there is no budget, there should be no pay for the Governor, his staff or cabinet members, legislators and their staffs.