PA and Pittsburgh MSA Out of Sync with US Labor Force Gains

PA and Pittsburgh MSA Out of Sync with US Labor Force Gains

From April 2017 to April 2018, the US labor force climbed by 1,346,000 (0.8 percent) and the number of people counted as being employed (called household employment) rose 2,020,000 (1.3 percent).

Meanwhile, over the same 12 month period, PA labor force fell by 57,000 (0.9 percent) and the number of people reported as employed fell by 36,000 (0.6 percent).

In the Pittsburgh seven county metro area labor force tumbled by 17,600 (1.5 percent) and household employment slipped by 8,500 (0.7 percent).

Interestingly, the establishment jobs data (the number of employees on a payroll) fared much better in the state and region than the labor force and household number. PA saw private payroll jobs climb by 1.6 percent (85,800) thanks to a very large increase in the education and health sector and sizable gains in professional and business services as well as construction.

In the Pittsburgh region private payroll jobs rose 1.2 percent (14,300) driven largely by gains in health and education, leisure and hospitality along with professional services. There were modest pickups in the goods sectors as well.

Nationally, private payrolls jumped by 2,020,000 (1.8 percent) nationally, faster than PA and the Pittsburgh region. However, the national reflects both fast growing and slower growing states. For instance, North Carolina comes in at 2.1 percent, Texas at 3.2 percent, Florida at 2.2 percent. These and other rapid growth states are propelling the country to faster growth than PA and the Pittsburgh MSA.