In the Spotlight

  • A Tale of Two Commonwealth Budgets

    Pennsylvania’s divided government has trouble producing budgets before new fiscal years begin. That has been the case for some time. When the Legislature is controlled by one party and the Governor’s office is held by the other party, one can … Continue reading

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  • School Tax Rates Rise in 22 Districts

    For the 41 school districts that operate on a July-June fiscal year in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh operates on a calendar year) and levy a single real estate tax rate (Clairton taxes land and buildings at separate rates) 22 of them raised … Continue reading

Taxpayer Q&A

  • What Do ICA Changes Entail?

    Last week the Governor signed legislation making changes to the oversight board for Pittsburgh.  Coupled with changes that came in 2014 affecting the statute that governs municipal financial distress under Act 47, that impacts Pittsburgh–the only City under financial oversight … Continue reading