In the Spotlight

  • PENNDOT: Privatization Could Reduce PAT Costs

    In our previous Policy Brief we examined the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s (PENNDOT) report on whether consolidation of mass transit agencies in southwestern Pennsylvania would make sense. Under Act 72 of 2013, PENNDOT was directed to look at that subject … Continue reading

Today's Blog

  • WP Article Looks at PA School Funding

    An article in the Washington Post calls PA school districts “the nation’s most inequitable” based on Federal data that states “school districts with the highest poverty rates here receive one-third fewer state and local tax dollars, per pupil, than the … Continue reading

Taxpayer Q&A

  • Minimum Wage Effects?

    The Allegheny Institute was featured in an editorial over the weekend on arguments over the minimum wage.  What group strongly supported a hike in the minimum wage in 2012 and what were the shortcomings of their argument?