In the Spotlight

  • East Allegheny Teachers on Strike

    In yet another indication of how out of touch with economic reality the teacher unions in Pennsylvania are, the East Allegheny District teachers are on the picket line demanding more generous terms in a new contract. Terms the school board … Continue reading

Today's Blog

  • Proposal for Bike Fairness

    The latest fad for socially conscious urbanites is cycling.  Complete with bike paths running along existing roadways previously used by autos, trucks and buses with the drivers of autos and trucks paying the lion’s share of taxes to build and … Continue reading

Taxpayer Q&A

  • Gaming’s Impact?

    The AP has written a story on the impact on property taxes from legalized slot machines.  While the former Governor sings the praises of its impact on senior citizens, others are less than enthusiastic.  We have written two reports in … Continue reading