In the Spotlight

  • Time to Rewrite Law Governing SEA Auditing

    Recently the Allegheny County Controller revealed that she wishes to perform an audit on the City/County owned Sports and Exhibition Authority (SEA).  As the County’s official fiscal watchdog she wants to review its practice of distributing tickets to sporting and … Continue reading

Today's Blog

  • Relief via Gaming Money Basically Flat

    A news article today points out that the Pittsburgh Public School Board set the amount of the district’s homestead/farmstead exemption at $29,447, not much changed from where it was last year. The article also points out that the money from … Continue reading

Taxpayer Q&A

  • How Was the Mayor’s First Year?

    A two-part newspaper series examines the Mayor of Pittsburgh’s first year in office (here and here).  What series of action steps did we recommend he take?