In the Spotlight

  • Assessing the Impact of a Severance Tax for PA

    In February 2012 the Pennsylvania Legislature enacted Act 13 which established an impact fee on companies drilling for natural gas using the hydraulic fracture treatment, primarily in the Marcellus Shale formation beneath the Commonwealth.  At the time there was a … Continue reading

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  • AG Examines Exempts

    In order to “…provide taxpayers and other stakeholders with some data on the potential tax revenue from properties that are currently exempt from property taxes”, the state’s Auditor General released a report yesterday that showed the dollar value of property … Continue reading

Taxpayer Q&A

  • What Course of Action for the County?

    County, municipal, and school district elections take place in 2015, and the current County Executive has announced that he will be seeking reelection.  There will also be races for seats on County Council.  What important questions did we ask in … Continue reading